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Construction Signs


Interested in joining our team of trained and certified flaggers?

Upper Valley Flagging LLC is the best in the business. This position provides dependable, year-round employment throughout the state of Vermont with opportunities for overtime work.

Experience in this industry is not required. UVF will provide training and knowledge needed to adhere to Department of Transportation regulations. Employees will be provided with a company vehicle, gas card, and necessary flagging equipment. Driver’s license is required.


  • set up a safe work zone with all necessary cones, barrels, barricades, traffic cones, and other warning devices

  • control and direct movement of vehicular traffic through roadways to control traffic flow and perform lane closures

  • adhere to safety protocols and Vermont Department of Transportation regulations

  • identify and react to potential safety hazards in a timely manner

  • warn construction workers when approaching vehicles fails to heed signals to prevent accident and injury to a worker ​


  • 20$/hr base pay

  • increased hourly pay for experience

  • Paid time off

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